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Turn Key Construction of a RunUp Facility at AIRBUS Finkenwerder
Project Management of the German Part of Delivery
for Blast Deflectors Inc., USA

In 2015 the contract for new design, development and construction of a Run Up Facility was awarded from AIRBUS to BDI, Blast Deflectors Inc. USA. Within one year construction time, from the green field, the facility was handed over to AIRBUS. 160 foundation piles where drilled and main concrete foundations where poured during bad winter conditions.
Acoustics, aerodynamics and steel work design where delivered from USA, static calculations for foundations where delivered by a German engineering office.
Haitek was contracted to plan and control deliveries from Germany others than above, as i.e.
- survey of concreting works
- fire protection system
- fire alarm system
- electrical installations
- wall fire hydrants
- underground piping for electrical cable
- earthind and lighting protection
- contracting support for German contractors

All the works needed to be coordinated between German Contractors, BDI and AIRBUS.

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Run Up Facility from access way with static walls and movable door at the right side

Doors of the facility half open

Doors closed

View into the facility from doors side

Doors closed, view from outside

Facility top view

Observation room

Cable distribution

During construction: Foundation piles

During construction: Concrete foundation, winter work

During construction: Cable pipes, ground works

During construction: Steel erection

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