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Current Projects

2021 on hold due to Corona
Insulation Delivery and Supervision, Ammonia Tank internal Insulation, South Africa, LINDE

Insulation Engineering, 15 Flat Bottom Tanks, Russia, LINDE

Insulation Engineering, Ammonia Tank internal Insulation, South Africa, LINDE

Consultancy, LNG Ship Insulation, LNG Shipping SA, Luxemburg

2016 - 2017Site Management, Time Scheduling and Technical Consultancy for Refinery Turn-Around, Belgium,
for Bilfinger Industrial Services België NV, final Customer TOTAL

2015 - 2016
Project Management, German Part, Turn-Key Construction of a Run Up Facility, Germany,
for Blast Deflectors Inc., final Customer AIRBUS

2014 - 2013
Engineering and Supervision for Internal Insulation of one Ammonia Tank, KSA,
for Linde

2013 - 2011
Insulation Supervisor and QA/QC Manger for LNG Plant Maasvlakte, Netherlands,
for Gasunie

Engineering for Insulation Repair of one Ammonia Tank, Philippines,
for Orica

2011 - 2010
Site Manger for Insulation of two Power Plants, Bulgaria,
for G+H

2010 - 2009
Engineering and Supervision for Repair of one Ammonia Tank, Australia,
for Orica

2010 - 2008
Technical Consultancy Ammonia Tank Insulation, Australia, Queensland Nitrate Project,
for Bilfinger & Berger

Quality Control/Assurance for LNG-plant turn around, Insulation, Netherlands,
for Gasunie / NCTI

Engineering for Steam Turbine System Insulation, Germany,
for G+H / Hitachi

Technical Consultancy for LNG Module Pipe Insulation, Netherlands for LNG Wales, for G+H

Project Management Noise Protection Hall for Airplane Turbine Test run, Germany for G+H

Engineering for Nickel Plant in New Caledonia,
for Outokumpu

2006 - 2005
Project Management, Air Intake and Air Exhaust Gas Systems, Argentina,
for G+H

Site and Claim Management, Petrochemical Plant, Korinthos, Greece,
for G+H

Installation Supervision, Exhaust Gas System, USA
for G+H

2004 - 2003
Project Management and Contracting, Car Test Facility, ITU Istanbul, Turkey,
for G+H

2003 - 2002
Site and Claim Management, Petrochemical Plant, Mongstad, Norway,
for G+H

2002 - 2001
Project Management, Exhaust Gas Systems, Connective, USA,
for G+H

2001 - 2000
Project Management and Contracting, Noise Protection Facility, Airport Hamburg, Germany, for G+H

Engineering for Copper Plant Insulation, Pirdorp, Bulgaria,
for G+H

Engineering for Electrostatic Filter Insulation, Lin Kou, Taiwan,
for R&M

1998 - 1997
Engineering for one Ammonia Tank, 10.000 m³, Australia, for Linde AG
  - Static calculation, steelworks and insulation
  - Construction documents and instructions including PQR and WPQ
  - Quality management and procedures
  - Construction supervision
  - Tank in operation since 1999
Insulation Patent with Linde AG for tank insulation.

1997 - 1984
Employee             Rheinhold & Mahla
Project Manager, Export Department

Site Management Pipe Insulation LNG Plant Pyeong Taek, South Korea, R&M, 35.000 m pipe

Project Management Pipe Insulation LNG Plant Marmara Ereglisi, Turkey, R&M, 25.000 m pipe

Project Management Pipe Insulation LNG Plant Kaoshiung, Taiwan, R&M,
25.000 m pipe