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- Commercial Project Estimation
- Feasibility studies
- Insulation Design and Engineering Specifications
- Economical Insulation Thickness Calculation
- Heat Leak Calculations for Tanks (boil-off)
- Tender Documents
- Material Specifications
- Installation Specifications
- Material Take-off
- Time Scheduling
- Construction drawings
- Quality Assurance & Quality Control

By Networking

- Structural Calculation
- FEM Calculation
- Calculation for Noise Abatement

HAITEK offers specialized knowledge for the Internal Insulation of cryogenic Ammonia Tanks.

- Optimized Installation System (cost saving)
- Weather Independent Installation (under roof)
- No Special Knowledge for Installation (employment of locally available unskilled labour force)
- No further Maintenance Required (Thermal insulation well protected within annular space)
- No Hazardous Chemicals involved
- Easy and simple System Assembly

HAITEK offers specialized knowledge for the Repair, Overhaul and Revamp of cryogenic Ammonia Storage Tanks.

- Inspection of the Existing Situation
- Provision of Inspection Reports
- Repair Proposal and Procedure
- Material Requisition
- Supervision
- Quality Surveillance System

The repair or upgrading of the wall or bottom insulation during regular shut-downs leads to saving energy and optional extension of the subsequent inspection/shut-down periods.