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Ammonia Tank Internal Insulation, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
for Linde (part of Sadara Project)
Client: Linde

Project Specification: HAITEK, Internal Insulation

Linde constructed a new 30.000 m³ Ammonia tank at the Sadara Project.
HAITEK supplied
- Engineering for internal insulation
- Material for internal insulation
- Boil off calculation
- Erection manuals
- Quality manuals
- Supervision during erection by the tank contractor

Advantages of the internal insulation
- Low labor cost
- No sophisticated machines required
- Weather independent installation
- No maintenance required
- No special store required, containerized transport

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Ammonia tank view

Tank entrance with insulation of internal tank

Protection foil on top of Foamglas

Installation of second ring of inner tank insulation

Tank wall insulation under progress

Easy modification of panel

Inner tank wall, insulation completed

Adhesive on panels for outer tank

Panels on outer tank wall

Roof insulation

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